5 Ways to Use Reverb on Drums in a Mix โ€” Pro Audio Files

In the beginning, God created Drums, and created Reverb so Drums would not be alone in the world. --- Not The Bible. To this day, that quote lives with me while I'm mixing music. Probably because I made that quote up today. Honestly, I just couldn't figure out a good way to start this article. I guess I get a pass because there's about to be some great information coming your way I'll be talking about both acoustic and programmed drums, so Rock, EDM, Pop and Hip-Hop will all feel at home here. Intro. Over. Nailed It. 1. If You're Not With The One You Love, Love The One You're With This one is for my rock people. Any space can be great for drums if you embrace it. If you're in a giant warehouse, no, you're not going to get that tight punchy sound.