7 Reverb Mistakes That Will Destroy Your Mix โ€“ Soundfly

When I first started mixing, I made all of these mistakes. It took me years to learn these lessons. So I'm sharing them with you so you can make radio-ready mixes much faster These mistakes can spell disaster for your mix. If you want clear, professional-sounding reverb, make sure you're avoiding these problems. The following screenshots were taken in Logic Pro. To learn the ins and outs of this DAW, as well as tips and strategies for tightening your workflow and expanding your production and mixing skills, check out Soundfly's online mentored course, Intro to Making Music in Logic Pro X. Mistake 1 Not EQing the Reverb It's no secret that EQ is an incredible tool for making your instruments pop in a mix. But a lot of mixers don't realize that EQing the reverb can be super helpful, too.