House music is a perfect candidate to start with if you're just beginning to get to grips with the key concepts of music-making. While any piece of music can be complicated, it's house, more than perhaps any other genre, that can sound superb despite comprising only a few very simple elements. As long as you have a great lead, a fat bass line and a good collection of rhythmic percussion -- and as long as you're willing to spend a little time getting your mix right -- you'll have a winner. Much of producing house is actually about sound design -- specifically, sound design using synths. An... more

Hi guys, how's it going In this one we'll be taking a look at 10 Deep House Production Tips. I recommend you follow this post from start to end, as there is a connection between the sections. There is also a video at the end of the post, applying 5 of these tips in one single track. This is a brief summary of what we're gonna cover Better Chords -- using chord voicing on minor 9th chords for that Deep House style sound. Better Basslines -- creating transitions between the root notes of the main progression. Creating Simple Arpeggios -- from the existent chord sequence with the Arpegiattor... more

This quick tutorial is intended for beginners and it covers a basic technique to create a Deep House beat in Live. It explains how to produce a simple chord progression and how to use that chord progression to create the bass-line and the arpeggio. You can follow either the video tutorial or the written article below. They differ only in the technique used to generate the chord progression. The video tutorial uses the Midi Chord Effect, while the written post goes over the whole chord structure. Your choice. Video Tutorial Chords STEP 1 - We start with the basic D minor triad D, F, A. The... more

Is there any1 more experienced out there who could give me some tips on how to start I have Ableton 9 live All plugins Massive I do have the slightest bit of experience, so i know all the phrases and tools Please help Well if you have some experience then you know where to start as a general musician in the field of DnB I assume, like how to start a project and what to aim for. I'll go through a few points, basically typing while I think of where I put my tutorial files. If I even still have them. Firstly, buying stuff. You have a decent DAW and one of the very best synthesisers out there... more

Seeing as there's been significant confusion over WHY I've posted these videos, I'm going to clear it up right now I know how to create a reese, and I have for some time... however, the reese typically used in the new darker, harder forms of DnB cant' be created in exactly the same manner.... it's typically meatier than anything heard before. I've tried extensively to create such a reese using standard synthesis methods to no avail, and I've FINALLY come across a tutorial which shows WHY I haven't been able to figure it out... turns out I was using too basic a concept of synthesis. That... more

Last month I outlined a system for managing an ever-growing collection of Reason song ideas, and explained how to dip into this library as a source of loops and phrases to use in other compositions. This time we'll look at how you can take this to another level and create your own personal ReFill, and turn audio loops into more versatile REX files.Screen 1 ReFill Packer is a free app for creating your own Reason soundbanks. ReFills are self-contained sound packs for Reason, many of which are available to buy through the Prop Shop and elsewhere, or as free downloads. Two ReFills are... more

If you're looking for production tips from big name producers you came to the right place In the first part I'll explain how to use Reddit effectively and smartly. In the second part of this article there will be an ultimate list of Reddit AMAs done by influential producers, including production tips I will regularly update the list so bookmark this page so you don't miss out. If I missed any amazing AMA's done by a producer please comment and let me know Continue reading to learn how and why you should be using Reddit as a production resource exclusive interview w Electric Mantis talking... more

Anybody can open up GarageBand, drag a few drum and synth loops on top of each other, and in just a few minutes, create some something that, more or less, resembles electronic dance music. But according to EDM producer Francis Preve, there's a world of difference between electronic music that is simply constructed and that which is created with thought, love, expertise, and inspiration. Preve is the author of The Remixer's Bible and a longtime contributor to Keyboard magazine and other publications. He's also a prolific sound designer for synthesizer manufacturers and teaches electronic... more

With the rise of artists such as Oliver Heldens and Tchami, the new genre 'Future House' has made a huge impact on the Electronic Dance Music scene. In terms of production and composition, it's pretty much just House music with big sounds and modern production. In this post, I'll share a few tips for producing this genre that I have come across and often implement in my own productions. 1. Bass TonesProbably the most important feature of a solid future house track is the bassline. Most of the time a track will drop into just a bassline with a kick and clap. Therefore, getting this right... more

A few weeks ago I showed you how to make a riser filter in Ableton Live that took care of enabling the filter and providing usable parameter ranges, all with the twist of a single MIDI control. This kind of setup is a lot easier to deal with in a live performance situation, as it means you can create clean filter sweeps to ramp up the tension before a drop without needing to press a load of buttons all at once, let alone have the three hands you'd need to accomplish the same thing So this week, by popular request, I'm going to show you how to do the same thing in another of my favourite... more