Plug-in Tips - Waves L1 Ultramaximizer - Chicago Recording Studio - Jungle AE

Waves L1 Ultramaximizer is another one of those workhouse plug-ins in my collection. This goes on at the end of my master fader chain. I only use this plug-in on mixes that I know aren't being sent to Carson Ritz for mastering. I call final mixes with the L1 limiter baby masters. If I know this final mix is being sent to mastering, then I'll take of the L1. The L1 is a great way to give a client a mix but with a 'mastered' feel. I leave the out ceiling at -0.1, and the threshold lower enough to where L1 attenuates occasionally between 0 and -6 dB. This should create about 6dB dynamics in your mix, you'll be able to see that in your out ceiling meter. If the out ceiling meter only shows 1-2 dB of dynamics, then you'll end up with a squashed finished product.